Tips & Tricks For A Good Impression

Step One: Do Research On The Company

If you do your research on the company you are wanting to work at, it shows the interviewer you really care about the position and that you will always go the extra mile for them. It also shows them you are enthusiastic about the company and what it has to offer. Being unprepared just shows a lack of interest and could even make you look lazy.

Step Two: The Night Before

The night before your interview is the perfect time to prepare because it will still be fresh in your memory by the time your interview arrives. Pack everything you will need for the interview the night before to avoid forgetting anything behind making you look unprepared. Some items to include in your bag may be a water bottle, an unfolded copy of your CV, breath mints or gum and maybe a pack of tissues in case hay-fever decides to show its face. Lay out your outfit or hang it up so it remains crease-free.

Step Three: The Right Interview Attire

You can refer to our blog post on interview attire for a more detailed understanding of what to wear and what not to wear to your interview. The main ones are: Avoid bright colours and flashy patterns (they can be too distracting), wear the correct fitting clothes (not too tight and not too baggy), over-dress rather than under-dress (it shows you care), have a look at the company’s social media pages to see how their employees dress and figure out what would be appropriate.

Step Four: The Initial Greeting

With a firm handshake, direct eye contact, and a warm smile you will be sure to start the interview off on the right foot and leave a good first impression.

Step Five: Calming Your Nerves

An interview can be a very stressful thing to endure, to make sure you stay calm and focused – put your attention to your breathing, take deep, consistent breaths and block out that feeling of tension. Breathing is a proven technique to help calm you down and it is something you can always come back to when you feel your tension rising again.

Step Six: Answering Questions as Best You Can

See our post about interview questions for a more detailed list of do’s, don’ts and potential questions. Also be sure to not sound like a robot when answering these questions because you learnt it all like a parrot, interviewers want honest answers, they want to get to know you as a person, not the finely curated version. Just be yourself and you’ll be fine.

Step Seven: Asking Your Own Questions

Asking your interviewer a few questions is never a bad thing – it shows interest and confidence.

Follow these simple steps and you’ll find your interview to be a breeze!

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