A Few Skills To Acquire

Make Yourself Marketable

Instead of just waiting for that perfect job to just fall in your lap (the chances of this are terribly low) you can get to work on making yourself a more desirable employee – there are various skills you can acquire to do so:

Driver’s Licence

Having your driver’s license is always a good thing whether your job description requires it or not. Eliminating public transport and its fickle times can also be a plus for both you and your employer.

First Aid 

Being able to help anyone around you in a time of distress is always a valuable skill to have – it also teaches one how to remain calm and level-headed in a situation. If your desired job involves machinery or people climbing ladders etc. then your first aid skill could work in your favour.

Even if you won’t exactly be hired for your medical knowledge, having your first aid certificate will show your potential employer that you take initiative – A big plus.

Computer Skills

Having a basic knowledge of computers is an essential, you will need to know how to use a computer (even if it’s just sending emails) in most job positions so be sure to know your way around all the basics. The more knowledge you have in this field the better. 


Communication skills are always a must in any business environment, even if you don’t deal with any clients – your fellow work employees are also people and having good relationships with them is vital. Being confident in group settings and knowing how to work with people is a must.

Organisational Skills

Growing up, you are either an organised person or you aren’t – for those of you who are not, don’t fret – it is a skill that can certainly be learnt. Start by decluttering you personal life. Get a diary, hang a calendar up or have one on your desk, sort your emails, reply to messages straight away, etc. All these are steps to take for an organised life and then you can let that carry over to your workplace.

Skills like these will not only make you more marketable, they will add value to your life in general. It’s a win-win if you ask us. 

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