Should You Add A Salary To Your Job Adverts?

Don’t make the mistake of not including a salary figure on your job listings. 

Very often the salary for the position is not open to the public, there are a few reasons why, let us answer each reason and tell you why you need to add it in:

1. They don’t want the current staff to see what the new person is going to earn.

If you are fairly paying your employees (those in the same positions get the same or similar salaries) then this should not be a concern for you.

2. They don’t want their competitors to know what their people earn.

This information isn’t exactly a secret, competitors can very easily find out what your staff earn by checking on CV databases that they either have access to directly or through their recruitment partners.

3. They want to have a better negotiating position when offering candidates.

Research shows that making the salary available on the ad does result in the company hiring at higher salaries, but they are also hiring better candidates. Which in our opinion is a fair trade-off for the firm in the long run because they will benefit more off a better employee.

4. Just because they don’t have to display it, they don’t.

In our honest opinion, it isn’t a very wise decision to make. Job seekers are looking for the best position for them – it is quite a life-altering decision after all – and one of the main concerns when job hunting is salary. We all need money to live and we want a fair trade for our skills and qualifications. Right? So, when you decide to leave out the salary, it is very easy and likely that candidates will just scroll past because they want to avoid the awkward conversation of money. So essentially you will be shooting yourself in the foot.

The message is clear – adding a salary to your job adverts will help both you and potential candidates viewing your job listings, helping you find better quality applications and more potential hires.


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