Writing Better Job Listings

It can be difficult for candidates to fully understand the requirements of a job listing, which can result in losing potential qualified candidates applying.

The amount of online jobs are huge, making it a very flooded market and if your ad doesn’t stand out it will just fall among the masses and never be seen by potential candidates causing you and your company to miss out on what could’ve been the perfect person for the job. 

Another outcome could be that if your job listing has complicated content then you could end up with applicants that don’t even qualify for the job and then it’s all just a waste of time for the both of you.

Let’s talk about the title:

The title is the most important part of your job listing – it is the first thing candidates will see and upon reading it they will either want to know more or they will just keep scrolling. It is essentially the part that gets you the clicks, and we want clicks! Make sure it describes your job accurately and has no misleading words to throw people off. In the title you need to have the name e.g. Project Manager as well as the field it is in e.g. Digital and then lastly it needs the level of the position e.g. Senior. This way the candidates know the job, the field and the level of the job so they know if they are interested or eligible just by one glance. 

Re-writing the job description:

The description is the second thing candidates will see once they click on your ad so be sure to make it a clear, to the point description. All you need here are a few short bullet points ordered by importance with the clear messages and no hidden messages that make candidates suspicious. It needs to sound personal so it can stand out above the rest of the mundane descriptions written by the HR department.

Make sure the order of content in your ad is correct:

Make sure your ad is neat and concise so potential candidates can navigate through your ad with ease and aren’t left feeling confused or overwhelmed by muddled up content that makes no sense. You can structure your ad in the following way:

  • A sentence or two about the job an all it entails.
  • The main few requirements needed for the job.
  • A more detailed description can go after all this for those who are still reading because they meet the basic requirements.
  • Lastly you can add in a few more details on the office culture, more about the company, a few perks and anything else that is an attractive selling point for your company.

Include salary details in your listing:

Anyone who is looking for a job online wants to know the salary on offer to determine whether it is worthwhile to apply from the get-go to save themselves time. We all know a basic estimate of what we need money wise every month to live and how much we want (based on your field and job position). 

Having a good job listing will save you and the candidate time because they will know exactly what is required of them and if they are eligible to apply or not. So, keep it simple, informative and make it look pretty to stand out above the rest and you’re good to go!



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