Are You Targeting Passive Job Seekers?

Passive job seekers make up two thirds of the working population.

A passive job seeker is someone who is currently in a job and happy to be there but is still open to any new opportunities that may arise. If the benefits, salary or perks are better than their current position they would be open to making the switch.

These people are highly valued by employers because they are seen to be:

·         Experienced

·         Mature

·         Stable

·         Loyal

·         Successful

With your attractive job ads, you can approach these passive candidates online:

·         job boards

·         professional websites

·         social media

A newer and increasingly popular way of attracting candidates is to promote your company as an ‘employer of choice’. You can do this by promoting the perks and benefits of being employed at your company, this way you can ensure that when positions open there will be plenty of interest from talented professionals.

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