Refining & Improving Candidate Applications

Refine your target audience and create a job ad which attracts only the most relevantly skilled job seekers to apply:

  • Create an advert which includes a clear job title and job description. Be sure to include the position and rank of the position in the title to start the filtering process (a junior won’t apply for a position that states senior)

  • Mention all the skills, candidate requirements, the location of the job and the salary range. This will discourage a further number of unsuitable candidates from applying, saving you time when reviewing applications.  

  • List the qualifications and experience required as well as the character traits you are seeking. Be extremely clear and precise to repel the last bit of unsuitable candidates here.

For Example:

Do this:

To be considered, applicants must have the following qualifications and skills: Degree in Marketing and Sales, Diploma in Financial Management, 10 years’ experience at an international financial firm, 5 years’ experience managing a team of 4 sales people. 

Not This:

Are you good with people? Can you balance the books? Have you worked with an international company? We need you! Apply today!

  • Outline the company’s culture, truthfully. Top candidates are looking for a good company fit and if the culture described isn’t for them, they won’t apply.
  • Add a strong call to action – compel candidates to apply immediately. 

Follow the tips above and you’ll definitely see a lower list of unsuitable candidates, leaving you with more time to spend on going through a list of suitable candidates.

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