Interview Strategies

What to Say & How to Say it

We all know that an interview can be a very stressful situation to be in and when you don’t have a level-head it can sometimes be difficult to express exactly what you planned when the nerves kick in. We are here to help you stay focused on acing that interview and landing your dream job. The main aim for your interview should be to remain relaxed and impress your potential employer so that they can make an informed decision not clouded by any uncertainty based on your uncertainty.

A good way to prepare would be to try look your potential employer up on social media and get a feel for them as a person so you can see what you have in common with them for potential conversation starters. The more familiar you are with them and the company, the more comfortable you will feel going in. Be prepared – mentally, emotionally and look the part!

The following are a few pointers you can use to say during your interview: 

  • “I am flexible”

It is important to remain flexible when attending an interview. In saying this, don’t let them walk over you and offer you far less than you need to just get by. But get the point across that you are flexible when it comes to your job role and that you are willing to help where you can.

  • “That’s a Great Question!”

Using this phrase is a great way to give yourself a little extra time to think about an answer when you don’t have one the second they finish asking. It will make you seem enthusiastic rather that unsure about the question.

  • “In my Experience…”

Give the interviewer a little look into your past experiences and how you handled certain situations so they can envision how you would fit in with the rest of their employees and with their company based on how you reacted to certain things in the past and what you have dealt with and have experience on.

Align your thoughts and come up with answers with the help of these simple yet effective responses – it will help to make you easier to interact with and understand and it will also be a good confidence boost for you to have these as back up.

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