What Recruiters & Employers Are Looking For

Your goal as a job seeker / candidate is essentially to look like the best fit for a specific job – based on your CV you need to sell yourself and make potential employers or recruiters think that they need you in their company. Let’s take a look at what exactly it is these people are looking for so that you know how to portray yourself:

They want to hear all about your goals set for your career as well as your drive to reach them. Being driven and passionate is always a good thing because it means you will be there to work hard and make a difference rather than just moulding into the company and becoming another number. Speak about your career and how you wish to excel in the company you are interviewing with – ask questions that will back this up such as the opportunity for growth within the company etc.

It’s a no-brainer that they will want someone who is honest and has great qualifications so be sure to never lie in your CV (it will always come out), don’t ever leave something important out or make yourself look far better than you are in your CV – when it comes out, and it will, you will end up looking like a fraud with no job. When in the interview also be sure to answer all questions openly and honestly – people can always tell when you’re lying and that will cost you the job.

Love what you do! It will always shine through to your work and make you 100 times better at it. Not all of us are fortunate enough to be in a job that we have always dreamed of, some of us are just in a job because we need the money, but even then, do it with pride and do it with passion, you’ll be surprised how much you may end up enjoying it. In an interview your passion and enthusiasm will shine through on their own, don’t try to over act it because you may just end up seeming fake.

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