CV Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making

A CV is a very important factor when it comes to applying for a job so naturally, it is important to have a perfect CV and portray yourself in the appropriate manor. It is a self-marketing tool that will either make or break your job search. The following are a couple of key points to consider when setting up your CV:

  • TOO LONG: If your CV is more than 2 pages long and filled with rambling and irrelevant information about yourself then it then it is too long – keep is short and to the point.
  • TOO SHORT: If your CV is less than a page long with hardly any information in it then it could also be a negative thing – it might portray that you didn’t spend time with it and just slapped it together because you had to.
  • GENERIC COVER LETTER: It is always very clear when people use generic cover letters so be sure to personalise yours, it will show that you care about the position and are willing to actually sit down and work for it. You will stand out above everyone who went the generic route. 
  • FORMAT FLAWS: A rushed, badly done layout is quite a big flaw in your CV, if your CV is difficult to navigate through and looks un-neat it will leave a bad impression potentially ruining your chances of getting the position because your CV is a direct representation of you as an employee. 
  • ORDER: If your CV isn’t in a very strategic order based on importance (you want the viewer to see all the relevant, important information first to keep them interested) then you might end up losing them by showing them non-relevant information at first glance and in-turn wasting their very precious time which is always a bad thing.

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