Best Outfit Colours For An Interview

For many years, extensive studies have shown the psychological and physiological effects of colours on human beings. Taking this into account, it is easy to see why the colours that you choose to wear to an interview could have a profound effect on the impression that you make on your potential employer. Let’s take a look at colour psychology and which colours are the best to wear to an interview:


When in doubt, turn to hues of blues when deciding what to wear to your interview. It is said that navy blue is a very successful colour and the general colour blue represents trustworthiness, loyalty, stability and confidence – all very positive emotions and traits when it comes to business.


Black is a very safe and popular choice when it comes to interview attire. It is professional and mature. The colour black represents feelings of authority, leadership, sophistication and exclusivity which are all positive emotions to feel about a potential employee for your business.


Red is a very strong, vibrant colour, so be sure to proceed with caution when wearing anything red. It is also a colour that evokes emotions of passion, power, energy and sometimes aggression so if you feel you have to wear red, maybe consider wearing a red scarf or red lips rather that a red jacket or pants.


White is another safe option when deciding what to wear. It is linked to feelings of simplicity, precision, calmness and organisation – all the right emotions for a job interview. Pair your white top with a navy-blue bottom and you have a winner!


Grey is a mellow colour that can be a bit dull and uninspiring. It is, however, a ‘safe’ colour and will make your interviewer seem dependable and responsible.

Green – Yellow – Orange – Purple & Pink:

All these colours are a little more on the fun side. Yellow being the colour of positivity, cheerfulness and creativity. Bolder colours are a little more of a risky choice but in many cases, it could be a bold move that pays off. If you are applying for a creative position, then a little colour will do just fine. 

When deciding what to wear, keep in mind that the focus should be on you as a person or your skills on offer rather than your outfit, unless of course you are applying for a position in fashion – then, be brave, make a statement but make sure it’s a good one! And if you aren’t sure if an outfit is appropriate or not, rather don’t wear it. Better to be safe than sorry.

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