Online Recruiting

How to effectively recruit job seekers online


It has been proven that you have a mere 15 seconds to catch someone’s attention from an online ad?

Doing your research on your target audience and their attention span when it comes to online marketing is very important to effectively advertise to them. You need to treat your job listing like an advertisement for your company so a lot of thought and effort needs to go into it, it isn’t just a slapdash thing you need to do – if you want the best candidates possible you need to put in a little work too.

These days there are countless amounts of online distractions in the form of pop-ups, social media, and other job listings making your role of advertiser a very important one because your ad needs to stand out above the masses. Keep the style of your ad in mind too because viewers will only scan your ad, not read it so it needs to look pretty too.



Tips & Tricks To Remember:

· Use bullet points to break your information up into smaller chunks to be consumed quickly and easily.

· Only stick to the important facts and avoid any unnecessary rambling.

· Be sure to have an accurate job title and include the most relevant keywords – the terms that job seekers will use to search for positions.

· Have information that is to the point and honest, avoid strategies that will gain you more views but fewer potential candidates. Do this by only advertising the job as available in the relevant geographic locations.


Why Put Your Listing Online?

There are so many benefits to online advertising compared to traditional printed advertising methods:


· It’s is cheaper: Online ads are less expensive than printed ones. Also – print ads are usually restrictive as the content size is often relative to cost where online ads have a fixed rate no matter the size of the ad.


· It has more reach: Your online audience will be huge – way bigger than the readership of any newspaper. With an online ad, you can also use social media to spread the word reaching even more potential candidates.


· It’s easy to edit: You can easily update your online ad so job detail changes are simple to change if need be – while print is set.


· It’s instant: With an online job listing, you can have your position up and viewed by potential candidates in minutes, and applications coming in almost instantly.


· It’s flexible:  You can post a single, once-off job listing, or you can purchase a bundle and advertise as many listings as you like all at once.