Career Advice

Starting A New Job On a Good Note

Starting a new job is a big deal and naturally, you’ll want to start off on a good note. It can be a pretty daunting and overwhelming experience but the benefits of it all will far outweigh that. 

We are here to give you some advice about your new job going forward:

  • SMILE: Make a good impression by showing you are happy to be there and ready to make your contribution to the company.
  • ENTHUSIASM: Show your colleagues that you are eager and ready to start work.
  • IMPRESSION: Be polite and friendly to everyone around you and maybe hold off on any hectic jokes and loud, boisterous mannerisms for the time being – ease them into it.
  • PREPARED: Bring all the necessary documentation you will need and also be sure to bring your own stationery and notepad in case you need one. Do some research on the company and all requirements form your job description beforehand so you don’t go in completely blind.
  • WORK RELATIONSHIPS: Be sure to spend some time with your colleagues and form relationships with them, they are however the people you will be spending most of your time together so why not make it a little more pleasant? Just don’t try to force anything – you will know your people when you find them. And listen more than you talk. Also, try your best to learn their names from the get-go and use them to show you care enough to remember.
  • DRESS CODE: Make a good first impression by dressing the part, don’t dress inappropriately, be professional.
  • MEETINGS: Always be on time for your meetings and try to actively participate in them without being too much.
  • MAKE A DIFFERENCE: Aim to make a difference in your company within the first 60 days and prove to them they did a good job of hiring you. Do your job and do it well. 
  • COMMITMENTS: Make commitments and stick to them – always deliver on your word.
  • LEARN: Be sure to learn their ways first, don’t just come in and try to change everything from the get-go, people are creatures of habit and won’t take kindly to the newbie wanting to push change on them right away.
  • CULTURE: Try to understand the culture of the company and learn their unwritten values and rules so you can fit right in, this can be done by talking to different people and fishing for more.
  • CONFIDENCE: Be confident and know what you have accomplished, you made it! Use that to your advantage to not just become another piece of the puzzle, you matter, so act like it.